Viva Village Updates

Pilot program update; Be a founder/a friend; VNW Village Opening Celebration; For Viva Village members; Fred Meyer Community rewards; November events; Autumn in the Northwest
A Grand Evening; New on website—Community Resources; Thank you’s; Attention Viva Village Members; Not a member yet?; Villages NW Village Opening Celebration; Upcoming Events; Viva Village contact information.
Set to take off!; Office hours and how to contact Viva Village; Celebration and Ribbon Cutting; Current Numbers; Membership; Let’s Get Moving review; October events.
Reviews of General Meeting, Beaverton Celebration Parade, and Sept. Nature Walk; Sept. Featured Event — Let’s Get Moving!; Dine Around Beaverton and Beyond; Village 101 presentations; Thursday Social Time; Book Club; Men’s Coffee Break; October Nature Walk; Launch Celebration; Dahlia Festival
New time/place for general meeting; Launch Campaign; Become a Viva Village Member; Volunteer thank you; become a Viva Village volunteer; Office team; Vetted vendors; Events coming up soon.
General Meeting past and upcoming; Dine Around Beaverton and Beyond; no Thursday social time this month; Theater Field Trip; Men’s Coffee Break; Nature Walk; Village 101; Let’s Get Moving; Lilies.
Viva Village General Meeting; Viva Village office; By-laws; Launch Campaign; Launch Celebration; Volunteer Thank You; Vetted Vendor list; How to become a member, a volunteer.
Viva Village Family & Friends Picnic– fun time; August Events (Nature walk, Dine Around, Village 101, Men’s Coffee Break, Theater Field Trip.
Viva Village Family & Friends Picnic; Office; Volunteer Needs and Opportunities; How to become a Village Member; How to Become a Village Volunteer; Viva Village General Meetings; Journey to Molalla
Viva Village Family & Friends Picnic; Village 101; Dine Around Beaverton and Beyond; Book Club; Thursday Social Time; Men’s Coffee Break; General Meeting; Lavender Daze
Annual Picnic and other events; Decisions – membership terminology and vision statement; Viva Village t-shirts; Great volunteer opportunities; List of companies that support retiree and employee volunteers; Fred Meyer community rewards link; Festival of the Flowers.
Upcoming General Meeting; Viva Village Vision Statement ideas sought; Volunteer opportunities – host a Village 101, or schedule new member visits;  Recent and Upcoming Events, including the new Dine Around Beaverton and Beyond; Columbia Gorge photo
All Village Meeting; What’s in a name; Beaverton Awareness Day success; Community resources organizer; Report on Crystal Springs trip; Theater Field trip; Men’s Coffee Break; Cooper Mtn. Wildflower Nature Walk; Bonus photos.
Pilot Launch October 1; Founding Members; Upcoming Beaverton Awareness Day; All Village Meeting; Mother’s Day Campaign from Villages NW; report your volunteer hours; Good times at the Lilac Gardens; May Men’s Coffee Break; Waterhouse Lake Nature Walk; Rhododendron Garden; Book Club; Bonus photos.

Help from experienced Villages; Chamber of Commerce — Viva Village link; Beaverton Council on Aging rep; Action Team activities; Volunteer opportunities; Service volunteers; Looking back at guided Nature Walk on April 2: Upcoming events: Third Thursday Social Time, Lilac Gardens field trip, New! Men’s Coffee Break, Volunteer Orientation, and more events in May; Tulips!

March 29, 2016 – Weekly Update

Resource Development: grants and Chamber of Commerce; Eastside Village Oregonian article; Website and other volunteer opportunities; Successful Gardening Event, with tool list link; Book Club; Guided Trail Walk; Village 101; Featured Photos

March 15, 2016 – Weekly Update

Keywords: The premiere All Village Meeting; Evergreens Plus: a Gardening Event; Thursday Social Time; Book Club; Nature Walk.

March 6, 2016 – Weekly Update

All Village Meeting announcement; business-, event-, and tech-related volunteer opportunities; scenes from the Nature Walk; Village 101; more March events ahead

February 25, 2016 – Weekly Update

All Village Meeting; Mission Statement; Volunteer Thank-you’s and business supporter request; Review of Emergency Planning event: Coming soon events—Nature Walk, Village 101, and All Village Meeting

February 21, 2016 – Weekly Update

Membership Services; Grants; Proposed fee schedule; Volunteers Needed, Volunteer Thank You: Past week – Nature Walk; Coming week – Volunteer Orientation, Emergency Planning for Seniors

February 6, 2016 – Weekly Update

Members and Members Plus; Volunteer opportunity (leafleting), Volunteer Thank You; Viva Village Voice coming soon; Public Village 101; more events ahead

January 30, 2016 – Weekly Update

Governing Council activities; Volunteer opportunity (leafleting) and Thank you to the “folders;” Village 101 at Library, plus other events to come

January 23, 2016 – Weekly Update

Governing Council update; Fun volunteer opportunity; reports on Viva Village Social Time and Forensics Event; Book Club

January 18, 2016 – Weekly Update

Governing Council Updates and Activities; Seeking volunteers to mail newsletter and provide OneDrive training; Report on Nature Walk; Events ahead Thursday Social Time and Behind the Scenes at a Forensics Lab

January 11, 2016 – Weekly Update

Governing Council updates; Seeking OneDrive expert, Report on Holiday Gala; Plan ahead – Nature Walk, Volunteer Orientation, Social Time, Forensics Lab, Book Club