Viva Village Recent & Upcoming Events

December 16, 2016  Viva Village holiday potluck.

December 3, 2016  Nature Walk:  Map.   Jackie Husen Park — Jordan Woods & Cedar Mill Creek

November 18, 2016  Field Trip:  NW Senior Theater “Jingle, Jingle, Jingle” at the Alpenrose Theater

November 15, 2016  Book Club

November 12, 2016  New Member Meeting

new member gathering
“I would rate the event as a great success. Good turnout. Productive conversation. Welcoming venue. Great job!”

– G.L., Viva Village member


November 9, 2016  Dine Around Beaverton and Beyond at the Thirsty Lion Restaurant.  Seven of us enjoyed the delicious and noisy atmosphere at the Thirsty Lion.  We had one delightful new person.  It’s always great to welcome new friends.

October 5, 2016  Nature Walk to Vista Brook Park and the Fanno Creek Trail.  It rained and rained but seven intrepid villagers appeared in complete rain gear and enjoyed a beautiful fall day on the trail.  This was one of our favorite walks.

October 13, 2016  Viva Village Launch Celebration.  About 75 people celebrated the opening of our wonderful Viva Village.

October 1, 2016  Nature Walk to Fanno Creek Park along Fanno Creek.  We split up so that small groups could walk at their preferred speed.  We enjoyed the fresh air and the fall breezes and were inspired by all the people along the trail.

September 24, 2016  Let’s Get Moving: Staying independent with stamina, strength, balance, and mobility. This was a Viva Village fitness presentation by Jaqueline Sinke.  Click here for the session handout:  Lets-get-moving-slides.    Click here for fall risk information.

September 10, 2016  General meeting for Viva Village

September 3, 2016     Nature Walk to Koll Center Wetlands, Fanno Farmhouse, and Fanno Creek Trail.  Six of us proceeded two by two at different speeds.  Click here to see the trail map and description.

August 28, 2016     Portland Light Opera’s presentation of Gilbert and Sullivan’s comic “Iolanthe.”  “A Dairy Diary,”  by Ross Miller

Ten Viva Villagers took the path to Alpenrose Dairy and its 100-plus year old theater on Sunday, August 28. We saw no cows, but rather a host of fairies in the cast of Gilbert and Sullivan’s “Iolanthe,” a production of Light Opera of Portland’s (LOOP). Iolanthe was one of these fairies, a naughty fairy, it seems. She married a human—a fairy “no-no”— and had a “half-and-half” son (half fairy, half human . . . nothing to do with milk and cream.) But who, we wondered, might a girl fairy marry? (Remember, this is a 19th century musical!) We saw no boy fairies. Also, we saw no girl parliamentarians. (All but two of the men in the cast were “peers,” members of the House of Lords.) Another challenge to credulity: fairies don’t age. The LOOP fairies could sing and dance, but some of their faces showed signs of wear, like ours. Great community theater fun! And though “Iolanthe” was first performed in 1892, some of the lyrics poking fun at politicians, both “liberal” and “conservative”—the last syllable “tive” always rhymed with “jive”— seemed quite contemporary.

August 10, 2016     “Beaverton and Beyond Dine Around Luncheon”  to the Chart House in Portland.  There were nine of us enjoying each other and the fantastic view of the Willamette River near the Ross Island bridge..