Help Me Use This Site!

Click on any “Question” box below to open it and find the answer/explanation. Click again to close the box.

Adjusting Type Size

In the Content Window (only)

In the upper right hand corner of the page you will see three A’s of increasing size.  Click on

  • the smallest A to  make type size SMALLER
  • the middle A to restore NORMAL type size
  • the largest A to make the type size LARGER

Your settings are remembered across all pages in this site (and for the next month from this computer).

Of the Entire Display

On Windows the two-key combination “Ctrl  +” enlarges the displayed page; “Ctrl -” shrinks it.  For Apple products, the key sequence is “Cmd +” or “Cmd -” meaning that you press the two keys at exactly the same time.

Getting to the TOP or BOTTOM of a page

  • If your keyboard has a HOME key, this gets you to the TOP.
  • If you keyboard has an END key, this gets you to the BOTTOM.
  • When you find yourself at the BOTTOM of the page and want a quick way to return to the TOP, look for the [ Top ] symbol at the lower left of the page.  Click on [ Top ] and the page will scroll to the TOP.

Getting back to the HOME page

You can jump to the HOME page from any page on the site by clicking on

  • The small house at the left end of the menu bar
  • The Viva Village! logo near the top of the current page
  • The Viva Village! link near the bottom left of the current page

Where am I?

Look at the lower left hand corner of the page immediately to the right of the [ Top ] symbol.  There you will see the text “Viva Village! > Help”.  The rightmost element is the name of the page you are currently viewing, and the (blue) elements to the left indicate the path you followed to arrive here.  The blue elements are links that you can click to return to that page.

Links and Navigation Hints

Links provide a mechanism for jumping to referenced information.  Here are some hints about recognizing links and using them.

From the Menu in the Header

  • This menu gets you to ALL main areas of this site
  • Sub-menus get you to individual pages

Following Links on this site

  • Links on this site are blue and turn to a turquoise color when pointed to with the mouse
  • Click on the link to jump to the referenced location, which may be a reference to other pages on this site or at another site

Getting back to Viva Village from external sites

  • If the link opened another window or tab, close the window to return
  • If the link merely replaced the referring page, use the browser’s BACK arrow

Using a Smart Phone or Tablet?

The display size is automatically detected and site format is adjusted according to the available screen width.  To see how the display will change, resize your display window width by dragging the right border.

Using “Search”

Enter a phrase into the SEARCH button at the right of the Navigation Bar.  This will search the entire web site for instances of this phrase and provide a list of pages that contain the phrase. Click on the appropriate page title to jump to that page.

To search within a page, use the browser’s FIND command. On Windows, type “Ctrl F” to open a small search window in your browser.  Select the search window and type the search term.  Then click the ▼ “down arrow” or ▲ “up arrow” symbols to highlight  the next or previous instance of the search term on this page.

Each web browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.) displays the FIND / SEARCH dialog box in a different location, usually near one of the corners of your main window.  Light-weight browsers for smaller devices (tablets and smart phones) may even eliminate search capability. Happy hunting!