Frequently Asked Questions

Most folks have a lot of questions when they first hear about Villages. We organized the questions we’ve heard most often into the following categories.

  1. Learning About Viva Village
  2. Getting Involved with Viva Village
  3. Viva Village Leadership
  4. Viva Village Membership
  5. Viva Village Services

Learning About Viva Village

How can I learn more about Villages?

Attend a Village 101 presentation, a one-hour introduction to the Village Movement.  Topics covered are as follows:

  • The Village Movement and how successful Villages have been throughout the United States
  • The Village Model in the Portland Metro area
  • Viva Village: the services and programs as well as the types and costs of memberships
Is there a physical space for Viva Village?

There is an office in which a few volunteers work to answer the phones, meet members’ needs, and help run an efficient organization. The office is also used for meetings and collaborative projects.

How is Viva Village funded?

Our Village is supported by a combination of membership fees, grants, and fundraising

Why does the Village need to raise funds if it is an all-volunteer organization?

Funds are needed to cover operating expenses such as liability insurance, background checks for volunteers, office rental and equipment, publicity and software for service requests.  Membership fees will not fully cover all these expenses.


Getting Involved with Viva Village

What are the benefits of getting involved?

There are many benefits to getting involved with Viva Village.  It gives you an opportunity to

  • Show your commitment and passion to the mission of seniors and disabled to stay in their homes/community.
  •  Use your skills and expertise: leadership, finances, fundraising, recruiting & managing volunteers, organizational development, marketing & publicity, event planning, social media, database management.
  •  Find fulfillment in knowing that you are part of national grassroots movement to help Beaverton residents age gracefully in their own homes.
How do I get involved?

Send an email to or call 503-746-5082 about your interest.

How much volunteering is required?

You can devote any amount of time that you have available.  There are discrete tasks that you can complete within a short time frame and then larger projects which take more volunteer time.

Do I have to be a member to volunteer?

No, you do not need to be a member to volunteer.

What are the volunteer/leader needs?

Viva Village needs:

  • Visionary risk-takers and entrepreneurs
  • People who are known and respected in the local community
  • People who are good at networking and have many connections within our service area
  • People with the following skills and expertise: leadership, finances, fundraising, recruiting and managing volunteers, organizational development, marketing and publicity, event planning, social media, database management
  • People who are organized, good planners and record keepers
  • People with considerable time to devote to this project
  • Hard workers (not just people who want to weigh in with their opinions)


Viva Village Leadership

What is the Governing Council?
Viva Village’s Governing Council is composed of elected members responsible for driving the mission, values and work of our organization. They are also the decision-makers of Viva Village. The Governing Council pulls together the skills and expertise of volunteers to accomplish the hard work of creating Viva Village.
There are representatives of the Governing Council on each Action Team, providing ongoing direction and two-way communication and support. Weekly or bi-weekly communication to all on the mailing list provides full transparency to the Governing Council’s current focus and decisions.


Viva Village Membership

What are the benefits to becoming a member?
An annual membership can simplify your life, save you money, help you maintain your home, and connect you to others in the community
What are the different payment options for membership?

A member signs a membership agreement for an entire year. Payment for this membership can be made monthly, quarterly or annually with the use of a bank check, an automatic bank withdrawal, a credit card, or PayPal.

Will low income memberships be available?

Viva Village values inclusion; this includes people with limited income.  There are provisions for assisted membership for people who meet the income requirements.

What’s the age for membership?

Viva Village has set their membership age at 18 to allow social members of all ages and also to ensure that younger people who have chronic illness or disabilities can take advantage of the Village services.

Can I be a member if I live just outside the boundaries for a Village?

Boundaries are somewhat flexible based on neighborhood integrity and access to services from other Villages. All members must live in Washington County though.

If I volunteer, will it reduce my membership costs?

No, volunteering does not reduce membership costs.

Are the members required to volunteer?

No, members are encouraged to volunteer but they are not required to volunteer.

Is there a legal commitment to my membership?

Individuals voluntarily become members of Viva Village.  With paid membership, they are entitled to services provided.

How are the membership fees used?

They are used for operating costs:  liability insurance, office rental, equipment and supplies, volunteer background checks, etc.


Viva Village Services

What are Viva Village’s services?

Services started October 1, 2016.  Viva Village delivers services in four ways:

  • One stop shop to find out about existing resources
  • Volunteers who perform a variety of tasks such as transportation, pet care, computer help, shopping and light home repairs and maintenance
  • Screened vendors for professional services
  • Strategic partnerships (e.g. personal home care)
What are Viva Village’s office hours?

Our office hours are Monday-Thursday from 10am-4pm.  An office volunteer will be available to answer questions and/or address issues at that time. After hours, phone calls will be forwarded to the Governing Council member on call. If you leave a voice message, non-urgent calls will be returned during the next Viva Village business day.