NYTimes: Writing a ‘Last Letter’ When You’re Healthy, September 7, 2016  http://www.nytimes.com/2016/09/07/well/family/writing-a-last-letter-before-you-get-sick.html?smid=nytcore-iphone-share&smprod=nytcore-iphone

August 28, 2016 Viva Village Event:  Gilbert and Sullivan’s “Iolanthe”, review by Ross Miller.   A Dairy Diary   Ten Viva Villagers took the path to Alpenrose Dairy and its 100-plus year old theater on Sunday, August 28. We saw no cows, but rather a host of fairies in the cast of Gilbert and Sullivan’s “Iolanthe,” a production of Light Opera of Portland’s (LOOP). Iolanthe was one of these fairies, a naughty fairy, it seems. She married a human—a fairy “no-no”— and had a “half-and-half” son (half fairy, half human . . . nothing to do with milk and cream.) But who, we wondered, might a girl fairy marry? (Remember, this is a 19th century musical!) We saw no boy fairies. Also, we saw no girl parliamentarians. (All but two of the men in the cast were “peers,” members of the House of Lords.) Another challenge to credulity: fairies don’t age. The LOOP fairies could sing and dance, but some of their faces showed signs of wear, like ours. Great community theater fun! And though “Iolanthe” was first performed in 1892, some of the lyrics poking fun at politicians, both “liberal” and “conservative”—the last syllable “tive” always rhymed with “jive”— seemed quite contemporary.

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