Villages Clark County Volunteer Hours

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Volunteer Hours
1.25 = 1 hr 15 min
0.33 = 20 min
Project & Task Area Description
NO ENTRY REQUIRED Volunteer service in response to member requests for services; Village services software automatically records this data.
Village support Volunteer time supporting Village operations and activities -- action teams, planning events, fundraising, community outreach, etc.
Fundraising projects Plan for, raise, receive, receipt & account for Villages Clark County funds
Volunteer projects Develop volunteer policies & processes; work with coordination of volunteers
Strategic planning Develop long-range strategies and plans for Villages Clark County (includes participation in Planning Group)
Conducting research Research best practices, available and needed services for Villages Clark County to use or provide

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PLEASE LOG YOUR VOLUNTEER HOURS! Make it a daily practice!

Reportable hours include such things as:

  • driving time spent going to and from the activity
  • preparation time for presentations
  • meeting time in group work and planning sessions

Why is reporting important?

As we seek to validate our community presence required to attract business and foundation support for Villages Clark County, it is important to document the volunteer commitment of our organization's members. Knowing both the number of contributed hours and the number of different contributors is essential to demonstrating the strength of Villages Clark County. In addition, several local companies will make cash contributions to benefit Villages Clark County based on the the number of volunteer community-service hours current [and retired] employees make.