Rivers East Village Volunteer Hours

PLEASE LOG YOUR VOLUNTEER HOURS! Make it a daily practice!

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Volunteer Hours
1.25 = 1 hr 15 min
0.33 = 20 min
Type of Volunteer Service Description
Direct service to Village Members Volunteer service in response to member requests for services
Village support Volunteer time supporting Village operations and activities -- action teams, planning events, fundraising, community outreach, etc.
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Why is reporting important?

  • To validate our community presence required to attract business and foundation support for Rivers East Village, it is important to document the volunteer commitment of our organization's members.
  • Knowing both the number of contributed hours and the number of different contributors is essential to demonstrating the strength of Rivers East Village.
  • Several local companies will make cash contributions to benefit Rivers East Village based on the the number of volunteer community-service hours current [and retired] employees make.

Reportable hours include such things as:

  • driving time spent going to and from the activity
  • preparation time for presentations
  • meeting time in group work and planning sessions